Waffle Ceilings


For those homeowners who want to take their room to the next level, adding a waffle ceiling is the best option to consider. According to some researches, waffle ceilings have the ability to transform any room and office spaces from bland to cold. Apart from this, waffle ceiling can add richness to your space or room and at the same time it is affordable and built to last. In the previous years, waffle ceilings were only found in formal dining area, libraries and dens of the home however in the present time, most homeowners are making each room an architectural statement, whether it is with ceiling treatment, paint and décor to give any room an unforgettable and long lasting impression. Our Crown Mouldings and Trimwork Professionals in Toronto is considered as one of the best providers of waffle ceilings for almost years.

What is Waffle Ceilings?

When you hear the term “waffle ceilings”, what is the first thing that comes into your mind? According to some researches, waffle ceilings are an ideal way to raise the value of your property and home and at the same time instill a classy, clean and decadent feel into its architecture. Aside from this, waffle ceilings are simple structures comprised of drywall, wood and beams. It is a fact that waffle ceilings have the ability to give an orderly aura and attractiveness to any rooms they are installed in. Furthermore, waffle ceilings can be made to a depth of 3” to 12” to complement the height of the ceiling. In addition to this, waffle ceilings are made with decorative trim to give the entire structure a more classier and refined look. For those individuals who want to improve the overall value of their property and home, installing waffle ceilings is the best choice to consider.

Benefits of Waffle Ceilings

Waffle ceilings can greatly enhance the overall value of your property and home for sale. Redoing existing ceiling structures with waffle ceilings is not a complicated operation since it can be done in a short span of time. Moreover, waffle ceilings can give any home a much classier look evocative of historical architecture and fine hotels however it is far less expensive compared to the resources that go into building either. Waffle ceilings are reasonable to install and it is budget friendly. It can also be install into any property and home with a wood ceiling and beam ceiling. The decorative beams for waffle ceilings require drywall structures and anchoring point.

Why Choose Crown Mouldings and Trimwork Professionals in Toronto?

Our Crown Mouldings and Trimwork Professionals in Toronto can make your waffle ceiling a reality in your property and home as well as it can raise the overall market value of your home with precision, efficiency and ease. They are serving the Greater of Toronto for almost years and most of their clients are all amazed and happy with our services.

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